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One Pack for Cables

PVC is one of most frequently used cable polymers. It imparts excellent properties for general insulation and sheathing, up to 5 KV high performance range. It also imparts excellent flexibility, supports weather and chemical resistance as well as highly economical processing on high speed extruders We offer a range of additives to satisfy the needs of PVC cable applications such as thermal stability, volume resistivity, initial color and gloss, color stability, light stability etc.

Products Appearance Softening Point (In Celsius) Field of Application
CC-319 White Powder 110-120 For Low Heat Stability Cable Compound
CC-331 White Powder 100-110 For moderate Heat Stability Cable Compound
CC-218 White Powder 130-140 For very high Heat Stability Cable Compound
CC-405 White Powder 120-130 For high gloss moderate Heat Stability Cable Compound