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One Pack for Pipes

PVC is used for making pipes and fittings for many years. PVC pipes offer a long service life and are extremely corrosive resistant. We offer a wide range of lead based one pack stabilizers . We also offer special additives to suit the customer needs which can be used for different PVC pipe systems like pressure pipe, sewage / waste water pipe, gas pipe, conduit pipe etc. We also offer One Pack additives in powder as well as flakes form. Products are available with low lubrication level to high lubrication level to suit individual needs.

Products Appearance Softening Point (In Celsius) Lead Content (%) Field of Application
CC-16 White Flakes 105-110 16 Economy Grade
CC-20 White Flakes 105-110 20 Economy Grade
CC-23 White Flakes 105-110 23 Regular Grade
CC-30 White Flakes 105-110 30 Premium Grade
CC-35 White Flakes 105-110 35 Super Premium Grade
CC-37 White Flakes 105-110 37 Super Premium Grade
CC-3100 White Flakes 120 31 Premium Grade